Comments, Feedback and Reviews

"What this woman doesn't know about Sodom and Gomorrah isn't worth knowing ... She is Dr Barbara C. Morden and she's written a brilliant book about the artist John Martin"- The Crack (December 2010)

"Martin's work is due this wonderful reappraisal, which is published to complement a major exhibition in 2011: John Martin: Heaven and Hell. Beginning in March at the Laing Art Gallery Newcastle, this will visit Sheffield in June and be installed as Tate Britain's major winter exhibition in October... Barbara Morden's book is a harbinger of things to come, it is also a spectacular feast in itself - cool, scholarly, witty, articulate, brilliant on context, then and now." Bill Greenwell (Open University)

"A fine read, and full of illumination, insights and information. It should certainly whet people's appetite for the Exhibition".- Angus Easson Professor Emeritus, University of Salford

"The book is handsome, beautifully produced and illustrated, a pleasure to handle and authoritative..."- J.T.Boulton Professor Emeritus, University of Birmingham

"All the signs are that the dramatic, Biblically inspired work of John Martin, the painter born in Haydon Bridge, Northumberland, in 1789 is being given proper recognition once again. A new book John Martin: Apocalypse Now! has just been published by Northumbria Press ... and 2011 will see the first major exhibition of Martin's work for many years "- Culture (December 2010)

"The story of John Martin's life and work is brilliantly told in a new book by Cultural Historian Barbara C. Morden"- David Whetstone, Newcastle Journal 15 January 2011

"I have now had the opportunity to read Barbara C.Morden's book Apocalypse Now, a tremendous work of scholarship."- Mildred Robson (Martin genealogist)

"I am just starting to read 'Apocalypse Now!' - for the second time - and thought I'd let you know how much I have enjoyed it. It is good that our Haydonian, John Martin, is getting so much publicity at the moment. I have been to the Laing (Heaven & Hell) five times and, for me, it gets better each time. There is so much to see and it's wonderful to get so close to the paintings, they contain so much detail I was unaware of. Thanks for Apocalypse Now! Barbara, the text and the images. There hasn't been a worthwhile book about John on the shelves at the Laing since William Feaver's 'Art of John Martin'"- Dennis Telford, The Haydon Bridge Development Trust